The fashion of trending Golf destination is making a new subject of vacations lately. Morocco is one of such amazing destinations just like Turkey, Spain and Portugal. Moroccan golf resorts are fenced with lush sights and surrounded by beautiful cities that are hard to miss. A tour of this city can give you a lot more than just a gaming vacation. It is certainly a perfect consideration for golf lovers to visit and spend some amazing time. The weather of this place is pretty amazing and it let you to enjoy every second you spend in this country. It is a very attractive place to visit for any kind of purpose.

You can always find plenty of reasons to be in this place. But if you want to make a meaningful visit then to be here for golf is great excuse. Even if you are contacting some travel company and take a golf travel package, they will also give you a tour of the country and makes the trip worth your expenditure. You can begin the tour by visiting the famous city Marrakech. Making your way from the alluring beaches and fascinating Sahara desert, you can sway in the lovely environment of Morocco. Also if you are a shopping person and love collecting things from different regions of the world, this place can give you a lot more than you would have ever imagined.

Here are some city options where you can plan a perfect golf holiday. Let’s take a look:


You can consider this resort as one of the leading places in the world for Golf. People from all over the world like to visit here for Golf. This resort is situated on seaside and it has got sunshine for 300 days in a year. Isn’t it pretty amazing? Although this place has been once destroyed by the earthquake in year 1960 but it does not have any crenellated ramparts. The USP of this place is to view the enchanting view at sundown. This resort is becoming very popular with a passing moment, so you can always consider it for a perfect golf getaway.


This place also holds great significance for the golf lovers as you can find many beachside resorts to satisfy golf cravings. Other than this, Marrakech has also got some great culture, food, tools and textiles. Travelers are bound to fall in love with every single detail of this city. You can further find the famous Jemaa El Fna Square, which is also known as the medieval world. There you can meet various storytellers, snake charmers and shopkeepers that can attract your attention. You will find their stories really interesting so it is suggested, if you happen to visit there for any reason, do use some time with them.

So guys, all what you need for a perfect golf holiday, you have got in abundance at Morocco. You will get hundreds of luxury hotels to stay and beautiful sights to allure your eyes. It is a must visit getaway and highly recommended.