Family comprises of bunch of people that means the world to us. Nothing could be more fun than going on a family holiday. But isn’t this always a subject of debate whenever you all sit down to choice a perfect getaway? Well, if you haven’t decided yet then I would like to place an opinion in your suggestion list. The getaway that I am here talking about is the land of magnificent- Morocco.

In a family holiday, all what you need is adventure, fun, different places to explore, fine food, great cultural aesthetics, etc. and everything is available at Morocco in abundance.

Here we are charting how you can plan a visit to the magnificent Morocco, day by day halts and how to best utilize your days in exploring this fascinating land:

Begin With Marrakech

Your journey begins from Marrakech where you take delight of the Arabian Nights where you can sight alleyways, stalls, souks and markets. For adventure seekers, no place could be better than this ancient city that is still satisfying the lust of the adventurers. The gracious and appealing architecture of Koutoubia Minaret is adding a cherry on the top.

Time To Explore Atlas Mountains

While exploring the heights of mesmerizing Atlas Mountains, you first halt would be the Tinmal Mosque. Later, you will be taken to lfergane village. This tour will give you a walk through the heritage of Morocco. This place inhibits people with three main dialects including Arabic as the dominating language.

Beach Time

The trip could be extended to cut short as per the time availability. But generally, this is the place that needs a mandatory halt. Crossing through Argan tree forests, you finally reach Taghazoute beach that is situated at Atlantic coast. Usually people have picnic lunch over here. After an elaborate history tour, this is the place where your kids will have maximum fun. Tourists usually spend a night here.

Camel Ride

Without the famous camel ride, the purpose of visiting Morocco is considered as incomplete. The fun begins at the Sidi Kaouki where you mount on a camel and cross the liberal sand dunes. The feel of the ride is indescribable. After the ride, you will resume the fun at Essaouira which has also been titled as Morocco’s most attractive coastal city.

Before flying back to your home, you can use a whole day on Marrakech city tour. Here you can find great artistry of Moroccan handicraft. The market is divided into parts where you can find sellers of same kind sharing a street so that it becomes easy for you to locate the shops where you want to buy. Moroccan merchandise on display is quite fascinating so you might find yourself attracted to various things. But at the same time, this is the best place to practice your bargaining skills. For every member of your family who loves to shop, this is the place where you can satisfy your shopping desires completely.