There are people who only like water surrounded places to spend their spear time as well as their precious holidays. You might know many beaches where you would like to go for holidays, but Moroccan beaches are the most mesmerizing. If you are an explorer and haven’t yet been to Morocco, you have missed a lot in life. Morocco is jammed with various enchanting beaches that you will not find anywhere else in the whole world. So people, do you want to know more about the lush beaches? Take a dip inside:


The Essaouira beaches in Morocco kind of pump-in the most exotic vibe in you. This city has been fenced by historic walls that make this place more fascinating. People from all over the world visit this city, only to take delight of the beautiful beaches. You can find the fishermen selling sea food straight from their boats in the marina. The locals of the city grill it up for you and serve the delicacies to you hot and fresh. You can also take kite surfing lessons here. This is the most dynamic place as you can also find dunes at the other end of the city whose tour begins from Zouina Cheval.

Al Hoceima

For localities, there is no better escape than Al Hoceima. This beach is surrounded by Rif Mountains, along the Mediterranean coast. This beach usually witness tourists from French and Germany kind. Everything about this beach is highly alluring, be it the crystal clear water, the crowd or the ambience. You can find the tourists strolling along the Avenue Mohammed. For more adventurous escape, you can also check out Tala Youssef as it is the lesser crowded area. You can book a guest house and spend a weekend with your partner, for a change.  


Well, this is the unique beach of Morocco that are centered between two towns of this country, naming: Mirleft and Sidi Ifni. This is among the secluded beaches of Morocco and you will find it lot fascinating than any other beach at this place. It has got spectacular natural arches and the sandstorm cliffs that add to the appeal of this place. The sunrise and sunset of these beaches are the main attraction of this place. If you happen to be there some time soon, it is suggested to you to stay there for couple of days and try to collect as much natural pleasure as you can. This beach has got the most affordable accommodation and lip smacking meals.

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki is situated 17 miles away from Essaouira. This is basically called the house of horses and camels but it makes a great place for the tourists who don’t want to leave any stone unturned. This beach can give you a refreshing feel and the sight is something that you might have never even thought of before. It is a must visit place for the couples who like adding unique places of the world in the visited list.

So, if your are looking for a beach holiday, then Morocco is an ideal place for you to enjoy sun shines.