works on the prime agenda for working hard on customer satisfaction. That is why we have made it viable for the customers so that they can trust the website and take part with us completely. We understand your privacy and so it makes essential for us to collect data in such a way that it does not contravene their rights. So, here we are with our Privacy Policy that will provide you significant information on how we hunt down your personal information and the use of cookies.

Your compliance with our Terms and Conditions is mandatory before you avail our services:

Personal Information

The personal information that we collect is completely with your prior permission. We do not encourage any unethical usage of the information for any other purposes. The information that is mandatory and that help in improving our website is requested by the customers.

No information is passed on to the third party until and unless it is demanded by the law. The information is not meant to send to the supplies and a prior notification will be sent to you before we plan on doing so. This gives our clients complete authority whether or not they want their information to be shared.

What Kind Of Information Is Collected By Us and How We Use It?

We at believe that you have the right to know about different information that we collect and how we do that. So we present a detailed outline for your information:


At, we offer various types of informational newsletters to our subscribers. These newsletters inform the users about our events, discounts, books and authors. Every newsletter is needs specific according to the user requirement. People who want to subscribe to our newsletter will have to provide their e-mail address in the subscription box. In addition for the subscription, you might also need to provide additional information such as Name and Gender.

Prize Promotions

We at also host various competitions and prize draws. To take part in these activities, you might have to provide your e-mail address and name. This is followed by an answer to the entry. We ensure that the information provided by you is only used for administration purposes and specific to the particular activity.


If you want to shop at our website then you are obliged to register and create your account with us. The particulars require basic information such as Name, E-Mail ID, Password, Password Hint, Banking Details, House Address, and some other necessary particulars. In consideration to your personal information, the traders associated with us are considered as third party and they can only send ordered goods at your place. In order to associate with us, you agree to pass on the personal information to the needed traders so that they can communicate or deliver goods from their end.

It is important that you agree with the terms and conditions before going for any purchase. Our marketing team makes it the priority to cross check the availability of goods before listing it for sale. However, 100% product availability is not guaranteed.


We also welcome our customer’s worthy comments. For this, you will have to sign up with our forum and post the comment. In order to unlock process for commenting, you have to provide your username and email address. This policy is implicated so that user who has commented can be tracked and charged for offensive and inappropriate behavior.

In the case when you comment on our articles or want to upload any of yours, you will have to provide your email address and name.

Suggestions and comments are also welcomed via contact form. You can find the contact form on our website page or you can also send an email to us. We welcome queries 24x7 and instantly respond to them.


Cookies are basically the small files that are placed in your surfing device. These files help us in knowing how far you have surfed at our website and how much time you have spent with us. Also this gives us an idea on what the user have been searching with us so that we can bring you suggestions.

We use cookies in order to collect some non personal data and to enhance the functionality of our website. By non personal information we mean that the number of devices that you are using will be referred. Cookies are not programmed to collect any personal data from your account. These are just used to enhance customer experience.

In our privacy policy, we also imply usage of cookies and encourage our users to read every section of our terms and conditions.

In order to gather more information on how to manage and change cookies, you can refer “Managing Cookies” section below.

The cookies at our website have sole perspective to determine if you have logged in with us and agree with our terms and conditions. It also encourages you to share your comments with us.

Third Party Cookies

According to other features that are tagged with our website, it also might involve cookies from third party. For example, you are likely to receive cookies from third party in the form of video or audios placed on our website. Same way, when any kind of content is shared at our social media pages, it will also appear on to you via same medium. We declare that we have no control over the cookies so in order to manage them; you need to undergo certain settings. Check below how to manage cookies.

How To Manage Cookies?

Firstly, to enhance customer experience, we request to accept cookies.

For future references, you want to block or restrict the cookies; it can be done by changing the settings of your browser.

Sharing Your Information only intends to share your information with the groups that we are associated with. This may include our subsidiaries as per section 736 of Company’s Act 1985. The personal information can also be shared with the employees, sub contractors, agents and offices abiding by the privacy policy of the company.

The information can also be disclosed in the following cases:

  •          In agreement with law of the land if needed
  •          For any kind of legal proceeding
  •          In order to defend our legal rights in the case of frauds or credit risk reduction
  •          In the case when our assets are needed by third party might also share your information with the third party with the merchandise related to your requirements and wants to sell you.

We don’t share personal data of our customers with the advertising companies. However, we may share information like traffic to our website with such companies. We only use your information with our personal advertisements only. This helps us in delivering right product offers to clients that might be looking for these offers.

Your Rights

At, we sternly believe that it is your right to not let your data being disclosed to any third party. Therefore, we always believe in informing the user about collecting any data. We don’t intend to share your data with the third party unless you don’t consent with it. You can also crosscheck the check boxes that you might have selected while filling the form. In case anything goes wrong, you can always contact us for assistance. You are requested to provide us with following information whenever you are writing us for complaints or calling us. The information needed would be your full name, contact address, postcode as well as the email that you used for registration.

Security Of Your Information

We are unswerving to protect your information from any kind of misuse, alterations, and data loss. That is why we imply every organizational and organizational precaution in the urge to protect your data. We also take full responsibility to secure data that is sent via mails.

We do not entertain loss of data in case of lost or hacked password. You will have to take responsibility of your username and password. However, we do take responsibility to take required security measures in order to protect data from malicious practices.

We only collect relevant data as it is also violation of our policy to collect data that is of no use to the company.

Changes to These Conditions

At, we reserve the rights for any kind of future modifications and for better customer assistance. In case of any new clause added in the list, the date will be added so that customers can know the time when the amendments are made. The changes are made within 24 hours and you have to help yourself in knowing about the changes. After the initial notification, the changes will be done in next 24 hours and anyone who continue to access the website will be considered as in consent with the changes.  

How To Contact Us?

We encourage our customers to reach us at any hour of the day with your queries. We strictly abide by our policies and you can come up with any kind of queries about privacy policies. You can use our contact form to reach us or also send your query by email.

We hope that are services be useful to the customers and we stand by our commitment to protect your personal data to the best of our ability.