Skoura is a large palm grove was founded many years ago in a river banks, located 40 km from Ouarzazate in southern Morocco. It is one of the few groves of the country that still inhabited and cultivated. Famous for its many kasbahs amid palm trees, including that of Amerhidil (seventeenth century) which was contained on old banknotes of 50 Dirhams. Skoura is the first crossing point on the road to kelaat M’Gouna, Dades gorge, Boumalne and Todra valley. It is in fact a characteristic place of oasis architecture. Rivers and oases were a glitter of hope people lives have depended on, especially those who live in deserts. Fundamentally they were and are still the only resources of most southern Moroccan towns.

Skoura’s inhabitants live principally from agricalture: olive, almond, fig, apple, apricot, pomegranate; and also forage crops. Besides, some craftsmen perpetuate ancestral traditions as potters and weavers. Skoura is a site of variety. Several houses and hotels have opened in recent years, were held by foreigners or locals. Furthermore, many kasbahs in the zone were transformed into luxury hotels just to receive visitors. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or business, skoura with its inspiration, is a place to discover. Fascinating past and interesting present made of skoura a picturesque place to make an experiment in. Actually there is no shortage of sites to explore. Finally, in pupolar culture, skoura was the theatre of several Moroccan and foreign films.