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Travelling is the best thing you can do in your life and when it comes to travelling, it becomes also necessary to make the right choices while looking for travel agencies. If you are planning to pay a visit to beautiful Morocco on your vacation, then we, at Luxurious Morocco have some of the best vacation packages to make your trip to Morocco unforgettable.

Marrakech is one of the best cities of Morocco and this place basically sums up the exotic beauty of this beautiful country. The Marrakech vacation packages provided by Luxurious Morocco include some of the most visited places of this country. Here is a list of few of them:

Koutoubia Mosque: This mosque is most popular landmark of Marrakech. The minaret of this mosque is 70 m tall and they are visible from the miles. This mosque was built in the year 1162 and it is generally known as the best achievement of the architecture of Almohad. However, non-muslims are not allowed in the prayer hall.

Bahai Palace: The architecture of this palace is heart throbbing and you cannot just get over the beauty of this place. This palace is magnificent and it displays the ancient art.

Along with these two, Marrakech Museum, Almoravid Koubba, and a number of other places are must to visit places of this beautiful city. 

Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities along with Rabat, Meknes and Fes and is the fourth largest city in Morocco. It was founded in the 11th Century but it was actually inhabited by Berbers before that time. The city has a long history and contains several historical heritages that make it one of the most touristic cities in Morocco.

The most famous and the most visited place in Marrakech is Jamaa el Fena Square; this place is considered the busiest square in Africa, because it is a best place for tradesmen selling traditional Berber carpets. The square also attracts Moroccan visitors who prefer to escape from the stress of the work and  enjoy time there with Snake charmers, magicians, mystics, musicians,  story-tellers , acrobats,  monkey trainers, herb sellers,  , and entertainers.

The city is called the red city because of its red walls that were built during the 12th century in order to protect the city, the walls or the ramparts stretch for 19 Kilometres surrounding the Medina of the city.

Marrakech is the city where there is a mixture of what is traditional and what is modern; traditional carpets and all sorts of beautiful hand-made staff is available in the Soukes, and also big super markets are available and you find all that you need.

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