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Casablanca, where the primary airport of Morocco is located, is basically the main gateway into this beautiful country and this is the first place from where a visitor can easily guess that what is there for him in the store. The city, Casablanca has the touch of European architecture and the city is also known as the business powerhouse as well.

In Casablanca holiday tours, there are a number of places to visit, let us have a look at some of the places which you can explore in Casablanca holiday tours which are provided by us:

Corniche: This beach is one of the favourite destinations for many visitors. It is basically a home to a number of hotels and clubs.

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur: This Cathedral was basically built in 1930’s and it is famous for its beautiful architecture, a must visit destination!

Safi: This is again one of the must visit destination of Casablanca, this port still stand strong. It is basically since Roman times; however the ramparts of this place still leave the visitors awestruck. 

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco; it is the economic capital and the business center in Morocco. It is also the biggest commercial city in Africa with nightclubs and good markets. The region of Casablanca was founded by Berbers since at least the 7th Century and was conquered by Almoravids in 1968.

Casablanca is famous by French colonial buildings, The Corniche which is a boardwalk with many restaurants and night clubs, Place Mohammed V, a magnificent square surrounded by some example of French architecture. The most magnificent thing to see in the City which is Hassan II Mosque, it took 5 years to build and thousands of Moroccan artisans. The mosque is said to be the largest mosque in the world. And it has specific architecture that non Muslims also can explore on a specific tour which can allow them to access to some parts.

The city has a mild climate influenced by the Atlantic Ocean which gives the city a moderate weather and lack of extreme heat and cold.

Along with these three, there are many numbers of places which one can explore in Casablanca. The whole city will make you fall in love with its history and beauty. The luxury tour packages for Casablanca which are provided by Luxurious Morocco, the packages provided by us include all the options which will make your visit to morocco, a memorable experience.

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