The Bin el Ouidane Dam is one of the biggest barrages in Africa, situated 28 kilometres south of Beni Mellal. The building process of the project was finished in 1953. This arch dam, which is said to be the highest one of its kind in Africa and the largest in Morocco, was constructed with the intention of producing electricity and facing up to drought through irrigating the arable land this region is known for. Oued El Abid, an active torrent and the principal tributary of Oum Er-Rbia, the second-largest river in Morocco, is Bin el Ouidane Lake’s main water source that runs down a canyon at a depth of approximately 500 m, and stands on the left a red, high bluff, making the bottom out of sight. It’s a glorious place where the mountains and the forest meet together around the lake which stretches over a large area and seems akin to a gulf. It’s where to set off if you ever wish to see the set of the magical colors of water, mountains and the forest. The inspiring landscape is quiet relaxing and calm, yet very lively as people go there to enjoy the profound beauty, revel in boats while fishing, or even practice some water sports. Wherever you step, nature grips you, over sky-blue water, across the mountains, and limitless horizons. Therein lies the charm of Bin el Ouidane.