Agadir is the capital of Souss Massa Daraa with a population of over 300,000 inhabitants; most of them are Berbers speaking Shilha. Other languages like Moroccan Arabic as well as French are spoken there, mostly Moroccan Arabic. It is the most touristic attracting city in the region, about 235km southwest Marrakech in the Atlantic Ocean. The city spreads over a long area along the coast and also inland. 

The city was completelyrebuilt after it was destroyed by earthquake in 1960 and now it has become the largest seaside destination for vacations in Morocco. Because of its good beaches and mild temperature which is usually average 20.5°C midday during January, It attracts significant tourists seeking for winter sun.

The most appealing part is the seaside because it has a wonderful view especially at night. Several restaurants, trendy cafes, and villas along the seaside enable you to enjoy your traditional Moroccan foods while enjoying the view of the sea.

The most active sectors the city relies on are tourism, fisheries, and agriculture, but agriculture is based around the city.  Agadir has two fishing ports, one of them is recent. Also the city is served by Al Massira Airport which is located 22km from the city.